Landscape Tidbits

Now that we have a new property manager and the rehab project is near complete, we are better positioned to consider other landscaping companies. We are determined to see improvement in the care and beautification of the front entrance and other maintenance items like trimming of the bushes. In the meantime, the landscape committee invites and encourages homeowners to participate in an upcoming community beautification project in spring to update shrubbery primarily around units and common areas. Stay tuned for project announcements.

Homeowners are advised to look into installing a gutter extensions aiming away from properties minimize water retention on the property. This is especially important for those who backyards face the railroad and retention wall. A  PVC extension is an inexpensive and durable solution. A homeowner can purchase these and attach them to their gutters. For a clean look, it is recommended that these are buried and extend and drain past property line to prevent erosion. All homeowners should check that gutters drain away from the property, preferably onto the driveway or a few feet away from the homes. Some homeowners, like Sue Pezely, leverage creative landscaping to control the flow of water.  Contact the HOA or Community Manager for additional information about drainage recommendations.