Amanda’s Master Bath Update

Tell us about the work you had done
I’ve wanted to update my en-suite bathroom for such a long time and finally did!  My contractors tore out the old bathroom to the bare floors and studs in the walls. I knew that I wanted to get a freestanding soaker tub in updating the bathroom. In the end, I also tore out the shower and had a curbless entry shower added, new lighting, new tile walls and flooring, vanities, and heated floors. I selected Large-sized tiles to minimize the grout lines and simplify cleaning

Before photos

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Who were your contractors?
Hunguer and Bella Castro
phone: (678) 992-6149

How long did it take?
It was supposed to take four weeks but ended up taking six weeks.

What was your favorite part?
The whole thing!  The result looks so different from the original bathroom, and I love the look.  The tub is more manageable (it doesn’t take all the hot water in the water heater!), the walk-in shower is sleeker, and the heated floors make such a difference on cold mornings.  One thing I’m particularly proud of is there was hardly any waste. So many renovations create a lot of waste and trash, but I kept that to a minimum; only the old tile was trashed.  I was able to sell all the old fixtures (cabinets, counters, tub, shower, mirrors). I recycled all the cardboard boxes and styrofoam (styrofoam can’t be recycled curbside in Smyrna but can be recycled for free at CHaRM Atlanta!).  

Were there any pain points?
I did not have a contract with the contractors, and I should have pressed to have one from the start because it would have clarified up-front what tasks were included vs. not included, and it would have had a clear payment schedule. This would have eliminated all conflicts during the process.  I would have also preferred if they gave me a list of all materials and amounts needed at the beginning of the project to avoid multiple new purchases each week.  

Do you have any regrets?
Not doing my bathroom sooner!