Home Renovation: Brian’s Kitchen Island Update

For Brian, the kitchen was always meant to be an extension of the entertainment space. It serves as the heart of the home and a gathering spot for guests while promoting casual conversation. However, the bar-height portion of the island disrupted the flow and looks dated in comparison to newer construction.

The goal of this project was to level the island to open the room and replace the counter with a lighter stone and install two pendants that replaced a pot rack. These changes would brighten up the windowless kitchen and modernize it with minimal changes.

Before Image

After Image

Cost: approximately $3,571

  • $2,163.52 Quartz countertop+Install: ATM Granite and Marble
  • $197 Sink: Amazon.com
  • $210 Two Pendants: Amazon.com
  • $97 Two Stools: Amazon.com
  • $204 Gold faucet and soap dispenser: Amazon.com
  • $500 for labor (level countertop & disposal of old countertop, pendant installation, and connect garbage disposal under the sink)
  • $200 for Plumber Configure piping below sink

Contractor: Kevin D’Olivo
email: kddolivo@yahoo.com
phone: (678) 414-9966

Counter: ATM Granite and Marble, Inc
Location: 4300 Wendell Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30336
Phone: (404) 691-457

Wagner Plumbing
Phone: (404) 516- 4308


About a week. The timing was a little tricky between the contractor, ATM and amazon delivery. ATM came out to measure the island, then Kevin leveled it before the quartz was installed. After the countertop was installed, the plumbing was connected by a plumber, and the switch for the disposal was wired inside the cabinet with an easy to reach switch.

Pain points

An unexpected hurdle was the garbage disposal and piping below the sink had to be reconfigured because it no longer fit with the deeper sink. This cost about an additional $200. Scheduling for the quartz measurement and delivery to be in time with the carpenter and sink delivery was tight.


No regrets… however, the island came out so amazing that it slightly increased the desire to replace the rest of the countertops and backsplash.