Christina’s Bathroom Makeover

Over the past 2 years, Christina has been making updates to her townhouse to make it her home and it was time to give the master bathroom a facelift. 

The renovation consisted of installing a new freestanding tub, new shower tile, new cabinets, a tower cabinet, granite countertops, new floor tile, new toilet, all new plumbing fixtures and light filters. She also enlarged shower footprint as much as possible without having to rework the window.

Before Images

After Images

Cost: Approximately $30,000

  • All of the Plumbing fixtures are from Kholer – $5100  
  • Kholer Tub – $2100
  • Tile – $2300
  • Cabinets – $4500
  • Shower Glass – $2000
  • The rest was labor and prep materials for the most part

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They come recommended however, it is recommended that you supervise them.


“Too Long…” says Christina. The project was initially estimated to take between 4-5 weeks. The actual duration however, ended up being 9 weeks. Hence her caveat to her recommendation of watching over them. There were events that occurred outside of their control however, she did note that there were periods where the contractors showed up only one day per week to work.

Pain points

Aside from the additional time it took, there was some inconvenience with living in the home while the renovation was underway.


“None, we love our new bathroom.”