Spring 2020 Updates

In this new environment we live amidst the spread of the coronavirus, the Homeowner Association recognizes the important role we play during this critical time. Please take this health crisis seriously. We understand how difficult things may be for residents. Please work with MRG Property Management (https://montagerg.com/owner-login) if you are impacted by COVID-19. All community operations and projects are continuing as planned. Here are updates about our community:

New Deck Color (including privacy fence/stairs/lattice)

The Board approved a new deck stain color (including fence/stairs/lattice). It is Sherwin Williams Deckscapes solid stain Thunder Gray SW7645, the same as our garage, shutters, and gutter color.

On March 1st, Property Management sent an eblast announcing our new deck stain color. We recognize that residents updated their deck stains various times between 2015-2019, for this reason, the deadline for all units to update to the new color is July 1, 2023. Any new deck work from now until 2023 must use the newly approved stain color.

Retaining Wall

The retaining wall exists along the units’ backside that face the railroad tracks. One section in particular has heavily deteriorated to the point that the privacy fence began to collapse . We were able to get this section rebuilt with a 30-year guarantee, add support to other existing sections, and straighten the privacy fence at a fraction of the prices originally quoted.

Detention Pond

The detention pond is located between the single-family homes and townhomes. It is meant to absorb water from our two communities during rain. Typically, detention ponds are completely cleared by developers but ours was not. 

We removed all trees within 10ft of our three inlets and outlet and removed any trees less than 6 inches in diameter. Most of the debris was removed however there is still quite a bit that exists causing the outlet to be clogged and water to accumulate. The rain then creates “Lake Montclair” which is occurring frequently during this unusually rainy season.

We have developed a good working relationship with the single-family board and have been splitting the work 50/50 as dictated by our covenants. The remaining work for this year will be to primarily clear the debris and garbage from this area, unclog the outlet, and repair pathways that were damaged during this project. Additional work will follow as a yearly phased approach.