Brian Ollison, Montclair’s Community Leader, and Entrepreneur

Brian Ollison, a dedicated HOA Board member and a dear friend to many of us, was born in Greensboro, NC.  He moved to Georgia when he was six and has resided in the Villas of Montclair for 3+ years. 

He was attracted to the Smyrna community for its convenience to restaurants, parks, and stores. Like many of us, he was also attracted to the size of the townhomes, a rare find in metro Atlanta.   

His passion for maintaining Villas of Montclair’s prestige and homeownership pride inspired him to serve on the HOA Board initially as Secretary and now as President. During his tenure, Brian spearheaded a number of initiatives that resulted in: 

In addition to his civic commitment, Brian along with Kym Pressley founded Brikym Game Studio, a mobile game development studio based out of the Farm within Comcast at the Battery.

Brian has a background in software design and illustration, and Kym in engineering.  Together, this duo created the Kingdom of Kuru, a multiplayer iOS game. According to Carlyn Pounders in the article published in, the Atlanta Duo Create Diverse Gaming Characters with Startup, “Brikym is gaining ground as game developers” with the Kingdom of Kuru.  Because it’s family-friendly, it’s poised to be popular across generations and demographics.”  

Kingdom of Kuru is in beta with intentions to release to the public this year.  It is an exciting and fun game with prolific characters and sound – definitely binge worthy. 

In response to the continued demand for STEM jobs, Brian and Kym provide internships to help students cultivate STEM skills.  They also provide workshops to increase awareness of game development along with design career opportunities and what it takes to enter the industry.  For more information on Brikym Game Studio, check-out the website

It would take a book to cover all of Brian’s accomplishments and talent. Bottom line, anyone who meets Brian (and Kym) will be in awe.  Their energy, drive and will to serve is admirable and something most of us only can aspire to gain.