Alphia’s Living Room Update

Tell us about the work you have done
I had the fireplace remodeled and an accent wall installed in the living room. Before the work, this area was a large open and somewhat dull room and the fireplace was dated. So I created a more modern look with a bit of an artistic flair that fits my personality ☺️

Before (old fireplace)
After (new fireplace)

Before (plain wall)
After (new accent wall with spotlights)

How much did this work cost?
• Limestone Veneer/grout: $770
• Wood flooring: $132
• Labor: $1550 (demolish old fireplace, create a new one, laying/staining the new flooring)

Accent wall
• stone wall tile and track ceiling spotlights: $1500
•.Labor: $1200 (wire and hang spotlights, wall)

Who were your Contractors?
Hunguer and Bella Castro

How long did it take?
It took one week.

What was your favorite part?
I love the new flat wood flooring, but it was also a pain point!

What were the pain points?
It was challenging to select the right kind and color grout between the fireplace stones. Also, I wanted to replace the limestone flooring in front of the fireplace and match it to the existing flooring. We had to figure out how to do this nicely. My contractor, Hunguer, could have laid some hardwood and stained it, but it wasn’t going to blend perfectly because my wood flooring needs restaining. So I chose to buy a multicolor solid hardwood, and it combined perfectly while adding new visual interest to this area.

I have no regrets!