Who do I call if there is an emergency (non-life- threatening)?

Emergency situations include fire, plumbing, roof leaks, or weather-related damage. Contact MRG's office at 470-545-4781. Please be sure to leave a detailed message with your association name, your name, phone number, and extent of the damage. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email csm@mrgcam.com

What do I do if I want to make an exterior modification?

Please click homeowner login to access MRG portal and click documents on the left and then use the drop-down menu to obtain the modification online. Once you have completed the application please submit it with all the attached documentation for review.

How does Pest Control work?

We have a contract with Team Pest USA. They service exterior monthly AND inside upon request. Call 678-822-9999. Tell them you are a resident in Montclair and they will schedule an appointment at no additional cost.

How do I contact City of Smyrna regarding city property (street issues, utilities, public safety, etc)?

Please put in a request to address the issue:

The more people that make the same request, the more likely it will be addressed. Please do not remain silent.

What is our parking rule?

No overnight street parking. Residents or visitors of residents who park overnight can be fined.

Recently we discovered the parking spots in front of homes 1401-1409 are not visitor spots but were designated for the residents who live in this area. Their driveways are shorter and there limited space to turn around.

Can I lease my unit?

Before you can lease your unit, you have to apply for open lease status in writing. Your lease has to be submitted and approved by the Board before you enter into a lease with a tenant.

What day and time frame do the trash and recycled items get picked up?

Containers should be put out no earlier than Monday and put up by midnight Tuesday. Trash and recycling are typically picked up Tuesday morning. Large trash items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc. need a work order request made by the resident. The City will charge a $25.00 fee for each item and a $50 fee for items containing Freon. You may request a large item collection online through the Service Request option. If you are unable to process online, you may contact the Public Works Department at (770) 431-2850.

For the holiday schedule:


What items does the recycling pickup take? How Can I get a new recycle bin?

Who is the contractor we use for the inside sprinkler systems?

We do not have a specific contractor for our sprinkler. Rubin Roberts from Roberts fire protection inc installed our interior sprinklers. Their number is 678-842-0202. They have a $300 minimum. Ceiling plates covering fire sprinklers fall off automatically at 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

What day does the landscape company come out each week?

Landscaping typically comes on Monday, the day can vary depending on weather and holidays.

What does the landscape company do for each property and for the community property?

Landscapers maintain turf, shrubs and beds, trees up to 10', irrigation and seasonal color at the entrance.

If I have a fence around the backyard is it my responsibility to mow and trim inside?

Our landscape contract does not require Crabapple to maintain fenced yards, however, they may do so as a courtesy provided the gate is not locked.

Can we get fiber internet here?

Google fiber is not yet available (they are behind schedule). The company is working to address infrastructure issues by developing new and less disruptive ways to do construction and will continue to roll these out here in Smyrna and across metro Atlanta as they refine them.

In the meantime, Google Fiber is currently in the process of connecting some multi-family apartment buildings in Smyrna using existing infrastructure. AT&T does provide fiber.

If you have more questions, the best way to get more information or sign up for updates is on the Google Fiber website, https://fiber.google.com/cities/atlanta/,or by calling Google directly at (844) 36-FIBER.

Who are the utilities, cable, internet and telephone providers for the neighborhood?

Smyrna Water and Trash, and Georgia Power for electricity. Gas, internet, and telephone are all at the discretion of resident.

How does our Association's Master Policy work?

You need a condominium owner's policy, also known as an HO-6, to pick up coverage for your personal property, furniture, additional living expenses (in the event your unit is uninhabitable due to a covered claim), all upgrades, improvements and betterments and personal liability.

Units are covered based on the original condominium plans and specifications. For example, fixtures, cabinets, floor coverings, and appliances would be replaced with items of like kind and quality to those originally installed. Upgrades are not covered.

No coverage is provided for wear and tear, deterioration, damage by insects or animals, settling or cracking of foundation, walls, basements or roofs. There is no coverage for damage caused by repeated leaking or seeping from appliances or plumbing. These events are classified as maintenance items. The policy contains full details on coverages, limitations, and exclusions.


When are HOA dues due?

Dues are due on the 1st and considered late if not received by the 10th.