Community Beautification Volunteering

Spring is here. We can say good-by to bare trees and hello to blossoming flowers. We look forward to seeing Montclair’s landscape bring in the spring with a bang. The front entrance will be lined with seasonal flowers and mulch will line the front and back of units.

To manage expenses, we’ll have to be creative in expanding landscape beautification beyond the front entrance and mulch application. This includes homeowners volunteering their time and service to planting flowers and trees in common areas and laying straw or planting grass in the gazebo area.

To ensure we are focused on the community’s curb appeal priorities and balancing them with budget constraints, Brian Ollison is hosting a brainstorming session where homeowners can share their thoughts and ideas about making our grounds appealing. The session will be on April 11 at 6:30 pm @ 1456 bring ideas and any example photos.

Participating in this community landscape project is not only a good way of reinforcing the connection we have with our community, it’s one of the most important things we can do to help differentiate our community as one of the best.

We look forward to seeing you!